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You’ve got a team at your back!

Our rescue team is comprised of maid service industry experts that are specialized in automation, marketing, websites, finance, and business infrastructure. Basically, if you have a struggle, we have a solution, no matter how alone you think you are. If there is one thing we all have in common, it’s our love for this industry and all the people in it.

The Rescue Team

As you scroll down you’ll see a global team with a  diverse skill set that’s ready to help you get control of your Maid Service and to ensure your success. If you’ve been around awhile, we’re sure you’ll recognize some familiar faces that we have allied with to make sure we provide the best results possible!

Our mission at Rescue My Maid Service

The Heart of the Company

Rescue My Maid Service’s goal is to create a sense of belonging for the lost maid service owner by providing a family like community that supports and encourages them in their endeavours wholeheartedly. Through our products, services, and community we are able to fulfill this vision and allow the maid service owner to feel they have a business support network and family that they never thought possible.

Courtney Wisely

Courtney Wisely

CEO & Motiational Momma

Courtney Wisely is a highly motivated and passionate leader that aims to help fellow maid service owners reach their goals and achieve personal freedom from stress. As an integral part of the ZenMaid software company and owner of Magic Maids, she spent hours upon hours coaching maid service owners on automation and scheduling while running her maid service.

The Team

The Ones Who Keep Your Company Going & Growing

Amanda is a force unlike any other. She is the type of person that you have to talk to before you can even imagine what an impact she will make on your life. Amanda started as the operations manager for Courtney’s maid service Magic Maids and became an expert trainer and motivator of employees. Due to her expertise and “tell it how it is” personality, she has begun rotating from maid service to maid service helping owners get their training in order and their employees in check. Amanda Pinson

Training Titan

Amalia is a go-getter and has a huge passion for learning and helping others. Her days with the Rescue Team are always varied due to her expansive skill set. Her creativity and ability to manage projects make her an essential part of our team. Amalia is an excellent writer as well and is responsible for many of our blog posts! Her dream is to start an online language academy that will be easily accessible by everyone, no matter their circumstance or financial situation. Amalia Gonzalez

The OG Sidekick

Natalia is an upbeat college student and one of our awesome business sidekicks.
Her job is to help with the internal processes and routines of the Rescue Team, and basically roll with the punches so that our clients have the most fulfilling experience possible. She manages communication and ensures nothing slips through the cracks. Although her role is generally behind the scenes, she is an integral part of the Rescue Team! Natalia Salazar

Communications Manager

As a budget expert, Christine helps you reach your financial goals. Whether it be paying off a business loan or saving to buy a house, she can organize your finances and keep you on track. Every dollar coming in will have a role, from monthly bills to the unforeseen costs. As a mother and wife of a growing family, she knows how important it is to make and follow a budget. Christine Avila

Budgeting Buddy

With over 10 years of sales and marketing experience combined with a love for analytics, Landon is a certified Google Ads/SEO specialist exclusively for the maid service industry. He enjoys video games, sarcasm, and long walks on the beach. Landon Sanford

AdWords Guru

Tijana is our go-to girl when we have to beautify web presentations (aka websites). Her sense of design and style blow our mind every time. She has a background in Marketing which gives her a great understanding of market needs and audience. Being recently married gives her the “newly wed” glow and smile. And that glow can see on every project she touches!

Tijana Savatic

Web Designer

Manu was an honor student at the University of the Andes in Venezuela and followed his passion for creativity. He is currently a senior designer of a printing company in Chile and graphic designer for the Rescue Team. With over 6 years of experience and 150 clients all around the globe, he will help you make your desired graphic become a reality! Manu Cordoba

Graphic Designer

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