2019 QDS Conference

No matter what your struggles are, or how out of control you feel… we get it, and we’re here to help.

Event Details

This event is FREE for all attendees
and will take place on  ———->

If you are struggling in your maid service and need to walk away from this conference with an action plan that you can implement immediately, please join us! We will be discovering what your individual struggles are and then helping you create a step by step roadmap to solve them!

Thursday, February 7, 2019


Humphrey’s Half Moon Inn
2303 Shelter Island Dr
San Diego, CA 92106

Rescue My Maid Service’s goal is to create a sense of belonging for the lost maid service owner by providing a family like community that supports and encourages them in their endeavors wholeheartedly.

Through our products, services, and community we are able to fulfill this vision and allow the maid service owner to feel they have a business support network and family that they never thought possible.

Our rescue team will provide not only a place of solace where you can let it all out with no fear of judgment but a customized strategy to ensure your success as a business owner with total control of your maid service and your time.

Our Rescue Strategy:
A roadmap to the future

Overwhelmed and don’t know what you should focus on first? Don’t worry, this is where we come in. Here’s the step by step on how we operate in helping you get your maid service back on it’s feet.

#1 – Identify: We will begin our presentation by finding out what is causing you the most frustration or keeping you up at night

#2 – Plan: We will provide a custom roadmap for the solutions that will put you on the path to sanity

#3 – Solve: We will show you how to implement your customized solutions to help take you to the next level

#4 – Support: We will hold you accountable and provide a team who care about your success.

Meet The Presenters

This event will be presented by Courtney Wisely and Chris King, Co-CEO’s of Rescue My Maid Service. They will go through their step by step strategy to help you automate your business and regain control.

Courtney Wisely

Courtney Wisely

Co-CEO & Motivation Momma

Courtney Wisely is a highly motivated and passionate leader that aims to help fellow maid service owners reach their goals and achieve personal freedom from stress. As an integral part of the ZenMaid software company and owner of Magic Maids, she spent hours upon hours coaching maid service owners on automation and scheduling while running her maid service.
Chris King

Chris King

Co-CEO & Operations

Chris is the backbone of the Rescue Team and consistently works to improve not only our clients’ experience, but to ensure quality services across the board by working alongside some of the brightest minds in the industry. In addition, he is the COO of ZenMaid and is in charge of overseeing all the systems and processes of the software company.

What our family says about us…

Cleaning By Design - Thomas & Katie

We can say first hand that this is the most incredible team of people we have ever worked with! They go out of their way to help us in so many ways, above and beyond there actual scope of work. Landon is a Google and SEO genius. He provides us with information in a language we can understand and he is always working to get the best results for us no matter what. This is a team of people who truly want to make a difference in the world and their tireless efforts will definitely help you and your business get to the next level and beyond. We are forever grateful for what they have done, and continue to do for us. We love you all!

Dazey House Cleaning - Linda Dazey

When I started my business I found myself overwhelmed with all there was to do. I fell prone to a huge amount of stress when I became a first time business owner. Things seemed to be very difficult until I met Courtney Wisely and her team. They have helped me out tremendously. She makes it a point to check in with me, answer any questions I come up, and talks me through the stress and all of the problems I have, and to send some helpful hints my way. I can honestly say that I am very thankful for Courtney and all that she and her team have done to help me and my business grow.