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Get your official maid service health check below to help us pinpoint exactly where you are struggling in your business. Then book a call to find out exactly what you can do to get on the path to success!

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Still here, and not sure?

Taking the first step is hard, but Rescue My Maid Service is here for you with open arms. Book a call with us and see what we can do to make your maid service feel like it’s under control again (or for the first time). When you book a call you’ll talk directly with Courtney¬† (The Motivation Mama) above and we guarantee you’ll walk away with actionable steps to help get your time and sanity back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for real?

Yes, you aren’t dreaming. You have entered a safe space that offers support and services that are guaranteed to help you regain control of your business. We make it as simple as possible, but if you still have questions, these answers might help!

Will I actually feel supported?

Rescue My Maid Service was created by two people that understand how important a support system is and that is what we guarantee you. We have created not just a team, but a family. We rely on each other for support and that is what we make sure our clients feel as well!

Is there a contract?

Google Ads and SEO are the only two services listed that require a 6 month or optional 1 year contract. Every other service RMMS recommends is subscription based or month to month.

How do I communicate with the Rescue Team on a regular basis?

Simply click on the chat bubble you see in the bottom right corner of our site to talk to our team. You can also message us through our Facebook page here. You can also email us at [email protected]. Any of these options will lead you directly to the Rescue team!

How do you know these services are actually helpful?

Courtney and Chris (the founders) have used and still use every service that we recommend! We are very picky about who we work with and who we recommend and will only suggest services that have been tried and tested.

Is the roadmap free?

Absolutely! We love talking to our fellow entrepreneurs and helping them in every way possible. Your roadmap is totally customized to your specific situation and will always be FREE.

How do I make payments?

For any RMMS services, your card will be charged on a recurring basis through Stripe. For any external services such as ZenMaid, QDS, Rapp Payroll, CBF, or Infusionsoft, payment will be made through their system.

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